Welcome to GammaGuru's GrabBag. This is an Incredible Hulk fan site specializing in Incredible Hulk merchandise, both old and new. As a father of three little Hulkamaniacs (well, the oldest is a Spidey fan, but I still love him!), this site may grow slowly. However, I do expect to be adding some Hulk incarnation and supporting character bios in the near future. If not, the links page should help point you in the right direction. For now though, this site is focused on gamma merchandise.

In the STORE section, you'll find the GrabBag, containing items for sale from my personal collection. Need t-shirts and other new Hulk collectibles? Check out eMerchandise. For your poster needs, AllPosters has it all...pictures, posters, lithographs, and even frames!

The GAMMA MUSEUM offers a collection of pictures and descriptions for every piece of Hulk merchandise I've been able to gather information on. You'll also find novel reviews and game cheat codes. There is a lot of stuff in there, so you better check it out at work. ;)

HULK INFO is not available yet, but shortly should contain most of the great information that Christopher Lawrence III gathered on one of the best Hulk pages ever, the former Hulk-EMM.

Can't find what you need? LINKS should help guide you to another Hulk site with the information you are looking for, as well as, some personal favorites.

SITE INFO might contain some personal info, site history, and whatever else I can think of that doesn't have a home!

Thanks again for checking this out, and for continuing your support of Marvel's The Incredible Hulk. 

Need to contact me?
email gammaguru@chesapeake.net or AOL IM 'GammaGuruSTP'

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